The Wait {Vineet Suthan Workshop}

[Translate] Model: KrishnaPriya | Makeup/Hair Yhence Sioting | Assitant Makeup/Hair:Jhoana Nelissen | Designer:Anjali K| Studio: Studio Attitude  Website: | Instagram: Vineet Suthan Workshop Black and White Its been long time since i had a black and white fashion shoot in my profile and this picture was the one that fit the role. Processing black and white needs a lot of planning and unlike what you see in […]

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Farzana Parveen {Vineet Suthan Workshop}

[Translate] Model:Farzana Parveen | Makeup/Hair Yhence Sioting | Assitant Makeup/Hair:Jhoana Nelissen | Designer:Anjali K| Studio: Studio Attitude  Website: | Instagram: Vineet Suthan Workshop FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY I am experimenting with Fine art portrait photography. I am totally being inspired by Lara Jade and Sue bryce in this regard. I started experimenting and learning with Fine art photography from this post and i am still learning curve on using the lighting, […]

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[Translate] Models:DarLing Valdez | Makeup/Hair Yhence Sioting | Assitant Makeup/Hair:Jhoana Nelissen | Studio: Studio Attitude  Website: | Instagram: Vineet Suthan Workshop Retina Display Images This is my first image that is Retina Display compatible. What this means is that those using Macbook pro, Imac,Ipad or Iphone that has Retina Displays are now going to see sharper Images here. Geisha I have been thinking about this Japanese theme […]

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Natarajasana{Lord of the Dance}|Yoga

[Translate] Natarajasana The name comes from the Sanskrit words nata meaning “dancer”, raja meaning “king”, and asana (आसन) meaning “posture” or “seat”.Nataraja is one of the names given to the Hindu God Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer. This is a balance asana that strengthens the legs. It also is a full body stretch which engages the shoulders, chest and abdomen, strengthens the […]

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  • Muthukrishna - April 17, 2014 - 11:51 AM

    Came out the ambience of light and composition.The pose of natrajasana is simple great.
    Tonal of the image moves every eye lid to details :)