A new day has born|New Born Photographer

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I had so much fun with my sweet newborn girl which was shot 7 days after she was born.  She slept like a champ on this bag which i had ordered. Its the most difficult subject i ever had to shoot. You should be knowing more about the baby rather than the shoot itself. For how long she sleeps, if the baby has any allergic to clothes and finally you should make sure that the baby had pooped if you are shooting a picture like this.

Never attempt a shot like this alone and if you think this shot was easy well, never. The baby is very fragile and the way you are preparing the new born shoot should be very much careful. I had so many attempts fail that in total of the day i got, maybe one shot i would end up if i am lucky.


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Vineet Suthan is a Freelance Photographer based in Dubai. He Specializes in commercial shoots for Fashion &Beauty, Maternity and Events Shoots. He also shoots landscapes (HDRs), Long Exposures and Black and White.He is currently coauthor of Vineet-Suthan.com/photoblog.
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