Bridal Fashion| Dubai Fashion photographer

Model:Shereen Al Hosh | DESIGNER: Larue Vc, Benj Uy |

MUA: Garvy Molinos Terrado

Posted by: Vineet Suthan

Bridal Fashion

Each time, one needs to create a great image like above, you need a great team to make it possible and i am happy i had one in my own workshop. The main lead in the team is the models whom you need to have a strong connection. If the models are not comfortable then it can affect your pictures and it can become a nightmare in post production and hence you need to be very selective about the models.

The models should not only take your direction well but able to emote. No post production can help you with that. These are the few points that you model needs to be:

1. Being on time

2. Clean Nails, clean hair9 no hair color unless required), look after the lips( no chapping if you are shooting beauty), remove body hair, groom her eyebrows

Always Shoot in RAW when you are shooting Fashion or Beauty Shots as RAW will help you capture as much color and detail information as possible and any RAW conversion software will allow you to set up the export properties of your images. If you are retouching then you should not be using a mouse but a pen to do that.

One of the things i would like to advise is when shooting as collaboration (Models, Makeup Artist) for portfolios, if you are the re-toucher, then invest maximum time and effort in retouching as this is where you can push out creativity and show what you are capable of to your future prospective clients. And this is what i have done here in my picture

Post Production:

Unlike any of my previous photographs i experimented with this picture to give it more like a magazine look. I love how both the models posed and i consider this as of my best shot of this year 2013!


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