Defeated by Nature{Sea Blue}|Digital Blending

This is my favorite and last image of the series of the sea blue. The reason why i like this image is that i was able to capture the scene with all the elements that i need just as the blue hour was about to end. The buildings on the right side just blends well with the wrecked ship.

This is again Manually Blended Exposures done via Photoshop Cs6 and my newly acquired Wacom Intus 5 tablet. Most of my post production of my seascape image is done via Photomatix and where certain areas the sky and water which looks bad i would blend with the original exposures. The above and my previous images are the only times when i did 100% manually blending. This kind of blending is time consuming and when you have people in the scene cloning them is just a pain.

When you are doing manually blending or blending partly the sky or water in the scene you have to carefully observe the scene and get as many exposures that you want so that you can get the final image you had envisioned.What i mean by this is, lets take the above image. I like the water to be smooth silk and some cloud movement so i will make sure that i have f/8 and start shooting until i get these desired shot. If i don’t have either of them then i will shoot in bulb Mode to get these images.

To add texture i always use  Topaz Adjust detail and here for the above picture i added this filter for the ship alone. Nik Color Efex Pro  Filter was used to enhance the colors in the overall picture.


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