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Me, as freelance Photographer, have found that working with Designers helping me in terms of being creative and inspiring. Such was the case for my lighting workshop for Fashion which i conducted. For me whenever i need some kind of inspiring designer shoots, i always go and chat with Garvy Molinos Terrad0 who continues to produce amazing dresses. I feel i have always got better pictures with this collection and i guess it could be that two artist are collaborating. When i was planning for my workshop, i looked no further than Garvy. This time however, Garvy came with his amazing Designer friends whose collection when i saw the it on the models just blew me down. Garvy did an amazing job working as MUA and i am glad to have some designers such as Garvy to work. Thank to Larue VC for this amazing dress and having to trust me with your collection. Thanks to the Model Ingrida Klimaite for coming and being part of my amazing workshop.

The lighting for this shot is using 6×4 Profoto Large Softbox. The distance between the model and background was fairly far and hence the background was really dark. The light below is just the reflection from the ground. I used only one light here as i felt this was more that enough to give this dramatic light effect. My students who attended this lighting workshop worked with 3 lights instead. They had a hair light and a second light on camera right. Its the only way for them to experiment and see the results.


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