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  DESIGNER: larue Vc | MUA: Garvy Molinos Terrado

 This is my final post from Dubai as I am leaving to India for my vacation tonigh..yipee!! Downside is its raining cats and dogs back home so shooting there is going to be a challenge and lets see what store for me. Meanwhile, many people have requested how i do the High frequency technique on skin retouching via video. Since i don’t have the time ow, here is what i will do. Just walk though briefly my process and then if you have any doubt just leave your comments down. First after running the action for Frequency Separation ( Downloaded from this post), I added another duplicate layer of the Low Frequency and applied the Imagenomic Portraiture to that duplicated layer. You can also use surface blur from Photoshop Filter Menu if you don’t have Imagenomic Portraiture.You may see the below screen shot of my workflow for the above image. Then i did my usual D&B, on the skin then on the eyes of the model and finally the color tone for the whole picture

Others still argue that Imagenomics Portraiture, frequency-separation, high-pass, Gaussian Blur makes the skin more evenly toned through blurring. I even heard, that portraiture is just automating the frequency-separation technique.!! The debate on this issue can go on but for me this techniques have their place in my workflow as they allow me to retouch images with less time. For more technical details on why to use this technique you may have a look to Sean’s Blog. Cya for now


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Vineet Suthan is a Freelance Photographer based in Dubai. He Specializes in commercial shoots for Fashion, Beauty and Corporate Portraiture. He also shoots Landscape (HDRS, Digital Blending, Long Exposures and Black and White). He also does Events, Maternity depending on availability. He is currently co-author of
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