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This printers in its class is not mass produced, so finding this printer can be difficult at times. This printer can print more than 13 inches wide but only cut papers only. This printer has contains 9 Cartridges which will cost you 290 AED per Cartridges in the local market.What i looked into this printer these were the main things i looked into:, space, cost, and the most importantly how good are the prints produced on this printer? Though this printer saves your space you lose out in getting roll printing in this machine. You may thing this printer is not heavy but this one is really hard to move once you placed it on the table.

Below list the Cartridges:
Matte Black
Photo Black
Light Black
Light Light Black
Vivid Magenta
Light Cyan
Vivid Light Magenta

Powering and Inserting Ink Cartridges.
Configuring the 3880 is really easy – once you’ve removed all the strips of blue tape plus chunks of plastic which might frustrate you due to the amount of time taken ( 20 Minutes taken). Once all these are removed and carefully put on a sturdy table, the printer can be plugged into the nearest mains and you can start unpacking and inserting the ink cartridges that came along.

The ink cartridges are loaded beneath a lift-up panel on the left front side of the printer. You can’t lift this panel until the printer has been powered up and you’ve pressed the appropriate button for a few seconds. Each cartridge is clearly labelled and keyed so it’s impossible to put it in the wrong slot.

When the printer is set up for the first time, roughly 15 ml of ink from each cartridge is lost in this process so you can’t expect quite as many prints from the original ink set as you’ll get from subsequent cartridges.Although the 3880 holds nine inks, the Photo Black and Matte Black inks share a line, meaning they can only be used exclusively. With the 3880 owners can now switch between fine art matte papers and coated photo papers without having to swap out the black inks. In this printer the Photo Black and Matte Black cartridges sit side-by-side each in their own cartridge slot. The printer has the built-in intelligence to automatically make the switch when you select the type of paper you are using in the Epson printer driver. Epson has also made a great decision to make the cartridges of the 3880 much larger than their standard desktop printers but smaller and more compact than the larger Stylus Pro printers

The final step is to connect the printer to your computer via a USB or Ethernet cable and install the driver software and online user manual from the supplied disk. I used the USB first to configure the printer and then Ethernet cable to connect the printer wireless. Once this is done, then ready to print.

Loading papers

The 3880 has three ways of loading paper: a top loading ;rear manual feed slot for single sheets of heavy fine art paper, and a front manual feed slot that can take single sheets up to 1.5 mm thick. The top and rear feeds can take paper up to 0.27 mm thick. I have only tried to print from top and front and it has worked well. I have yet to try from the rear once i get the right thickness of the paper.

I shall be doing paper review for this printer in my future post.

                                                                                                      (Extracted from Epson 3880 Manual)

The Epson Stylus Pro3880 can print borderless images and will do that from a minimum of 4in to a maximum of 37.4in. Perfectly acceptable for A2 as the dimensions are 16.5×23.4in. Ensure you get the right dimension crop on your image or clipping will occur.

The printer does not come with any sample papers and hence i had to buy few Epson papers before i got test them: Premium Glossy, Ultra Premium and Velvet Paper.  I was lucky to have 10 sample papers from Hahnemuhle to test them and soon i will doing a review on these. When you know what you’re doing with respect to your computer, printer and colour management, good results should follow.


What i dont like is the flimsy paper support ‘trays’. The flip-down front panel, which becomes a pull-out paper catching tray, also feels quite insubstantial and its push-release mechanism often needs a few nudges to engage and disengage.The rear paper support guides, which pull up behind the Auto Sheet Feeder, also feel rather thin and insecure for handling large sheets of paper so it’s good to have more solid and substantial front and rear feeders as alternatives.The 3880 is built to stand up to the needs of pros. It also has an Ethernet port on back which you can set up on your wireless network.

Over one year period in a range of temperatures and humidity levels in my room, I experienced little-to-no clogging with the Stylus Pro 3880. I do occasionally hear the printer internally doing maintenance, but it does not appear to waste a lot of ink.

There is an Internal switch occurs between Matte and Photo Black instead of the manual switch required with the Epson Stylus Pro 4800/ 4880 printers.

Pricing and Availability

The street price for the Stylus Pro 3880 was about AED 5000 with each cartridge costing you around Aed 290.  If you’d like to check current pricing on the Epson 3880 , please consider using one of the links below.


You could check with Gulf Photo Plus if they have this printer with them. But as per their current website it does not show this model.

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