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As you are aware i don’t usually post my personal pictures on my blog, but this picture is something special after all its my son’s graduation from his kindergarden. Wow, an amazing experience for me as i never had one during my kinder garden days!! Though a costly affair with respect to the dress( which you only use it once) it something my son can cherish. I wish i had not missed my graduation ceremony in UK ;( . I wanted to shoot my son with his friends just like in 3 idots kind of but for some reason my son was not in this mood. So i had to push him to sit on this chair and get a perfect shot. Its very difficult to shoot when you are in the crowd with lots of kids and parents in the class and top of it your son is not in the mood!! Finally i hope i got the best out of the all.



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My name is Adam Backer. I have been seriously passionate about photography since 2006, though the urge for this form of art started during my childhood days. I am from India, and I belong to a place known as ‘Gods own country’ – Kerala. Professionally a Civil / Structural Design Engineer in the Oil & Gas sector specialized in Analysis and Design of On-Shore structures, Water sewage treatment plants and Industrial Structures. I have graduated from CUSAT (Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kerala). Presently based in Dubbo (NSW), Australia, I find time for this craze of mine during my weekends and also during vacations.

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