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In the past, I have been very relaxed when it comes to having models sign model release forms. There’s a lot of confusion that surrounds the concept of model releases, copyright and publishing rights; indeed, depending on which part of the world you live in or where your work is published, the copyright and publishing laws of that place may differ, but fundamentally, a release is required to grant a photographer copyright of an image and a photographer automatically has the right to publish (within limits) his/her work.  Model releases can also play an important roll in protecting the work.

There’s an ocean of different model release forms on line, but I thought I’d share the content of mine here on the blog for you all the use freely : (download here)



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Vineet Suthan is a Freelance Photographer based in Dubai. He Specializes in commercial shoots for Fashion, Beauty and Corporate Portraiture. He also shoots Landscape (HDRS, Digital Blending, Long Exposures and Black and White). He also does Events, Maternity depending on availability. He is currently co-author of

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