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Model: Biljana( | MUAH: Basma | Designer: Anjali K
Posted by Vineet Suthan

The photos for today’s blog was shot with all natural light!With so many options open to fashion photographers sometimes even the simplest of ideas will be forgotten.  It is easy to get swept away in the fun with all of the glitz and glamour that goes on with a fashion session that  sometimes all you need is some natural light and a simple prop,  Sometimes an space like the one above can bring out good pictures more than a big stylized set.

[Update: 07.12.12 ]Below you can find the lookbook i just created. This is not viewable in IOS devices as this is a flash content.

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This is the clients office and we had this one big amazing window just behind me where i was photographing   This type of shot happens a very rarely! When using natural light like this it allows you to work with your client and capture them as they move and lets you take photos as they happen without the worry of a strobe  in a very small space!  Keeping it simple can actually allow you to get even more creative!



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Vineet Suthan is a Freelance Photographer based in Dubai. He Specializes in commercial shoots for Fashion &Beauty, Maternity and Events Shoots. He also shoots landscapes (HDRs), Long Exposures and Black and White.He is currently coauthor of
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