Maternity Photography-Final Series

Maternity 29

Posted by Vineet Suthan

Maternity Photography

This is my last series of the Maternity shoot. There is not much to say about this picture expect that it turned out well and much more that expected for the client. We had initially planned to have a different background color and a setup like home evironment. But due to time limitations, we had to go to Plan B;)

Waveapp-Online Invoice

I always have a template in MS word to invoice my client. This time however, i decided to try the free online site called the waveapp. This is the link for photographers.Currently the company is offering all of its service for free including accounting and payroll as well. I loved its interface and it gels well with my existing template. Another service that is competing with waveapp is the one from Zoho which is also free. ( Zoho has paid services has well but if you are happy with the free version, then you can stick on to it. You can link both of these to online payment services like paypal and 2checkout. You can export the saved file as PDF and send it to your client. Now you can keep record of all of your clients with this simple application.

New Personal Experimental Project

I am in the process of doing a personal project for fashion. Its rather a small self budgeted project. What is this all about? What i am shooting is replicating a style by one of the fashion photographer i am inspired and see how well i can create it in terms of lighting, styling and post processing. This will help me understand more of how photography project can be executed. For this i might look into people who can help me with lighting setup and doing a Behind the Scene Shoot. All the shoot will be done outdoor,during evening hours and only during weekends. Those interested can email me by using the contact me via the Home page.


Lighting Diagram

For the lighting, i knew i had to use the Big Softboxes (Profoto 6×4-click to purchase from Adorama) to light the model and the dress. The reason for choosing big soft box is i had to light the dress evenly and only a big softbox i can think of. The small softbox were light from Visico Lights and used mainly for the background lights. Why mixed light well, the studio only had only these ones (lets not go in for color consistency for this matter) . Here for this shots, the background lights were reduced and kept it a lower level than the front lights as we did not want a pure white nor too dark images. The models was around 1.5 to 2 meter away from the wall. One model was just behind another a little bit.

Post Processing:

Camera Raw-Basic Adjustment like Contrast,  Clarity, Hue and Saturation and Chromatic Aberration

Adobe Photoshop Cs6-Retouching Floors and Skin.  Basic Color Toning.

The Skin retouching was one using Imagenomic Portraiture. This plugin saves a lot of time when you have around 50 shots to retouch.


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