My First Photography Book {Blurb}|Review

This is my first photography book that i printed using Blurb Software way back in May 2011.Its almost more than a year since i printed and i am not very much pleased with the quality of the paper and secondly the layout when i saw it on the hard copies were not up to my expectation.

Here are some of the features i selected:

1. Large Format Landscape 13x 11 inches
2. 20 number of pages
3. Paper: ProLine Uncoated Paper

As per Blurb:
ProLine Uncoated
Our ProLine Uncoated paper has excellent opacity, a luscious feel, and a lightly textured finish. It prints with excellent color fidelity (minimal dot gain, or in other words, no loss of image detail even in the shadows) and offers natural-looking four-color printing and velvety solids. A photographer’s favorite, this archival-quality paper is well suited to a range of book projects.

Actual View of the book

My Conclusion: This paper is neither matt nor gloss. Basically i did not like it the way how the prints came out. The paper is good in the way that it feels like non tearable, but i was not at all happy with the layout( Could be my mistake) as i wanted the whole picture to bleed into the whole page but i was unable to do it via the blurb software at that time. I am going to do another book soon and this time via lightroom and using a different paper type to see how the results come out.

I used the direct shipping from Blurb and luckily at that time they were shipping it to UAE. ( You can check if they ship it your country by clicking this) But the unfortunately they did not provide any tracking number and after only 2 weeks of waiting finally i got it. I hope they would have changed this by now and provided tracking number and i can only confirm this once i do my next book.


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