My top 12 for 2012

My top 12 for 2012 by Vineet Suthan

As the 2012 year close, I felt it would be a worthwhile exercise to reflect on 12 of my photographs from the last calendar year, images that I feel were significant to me for one reason or another and to elaborate on the reasons behind their selection. These may or maybe not be in your favorite list or had any major facebook likes.

Snow White – Nikon D700 

This was my first designer shoot for the Designer Garvy Molinos Terrado – I have to say thanks to Joyce Salcedo for giving me the opportunity. This was my last shot with my all time favorite Camera the d700. This Image is Featured in this blog and for details, you CAN View That HERE . 

The satisfaction that came with knowing this images was liked by the designer was the most rewarding experience. As a result of that and because this really is last shot using my D700, this image is included here.


Princess Lezay Von Hoesslin – Nikon D800

This is one of my favorite images from my nikon d800 and my first every fashion shoot i did with that camera and i loved it.  Surprisingly this outfit is from again my facourite designer Garvy Molinos Terrado and whilst that is reason enough in its own right to be included here . You CAN Read About this picture HERE if you to know more about this post.


Jadaff 1 Metro Station- Nikon D800

I’ve touched on this before and it is still one of the biggest challenges I have come across photographically is processing HDR. This was first HDR shot last year taken during the blue hour and Processed using a different HDR Processing tool- The Nik HDR Efex pro 2. From this shoot on wards i changed the time i shoot my HDR and you would have seen the difference from my previous HDRs where my shoot days used to be mid day. You CAN See the processing method of this Post HERE .

The Curve to Burj Khalifa- Nikon D800

Showtime – So many great memories are encapsulated in this one image, it really embodies all that is magical about the Burj Khalifa in my eyes. This image also was featured  in which you can view it HERE. I remember that myself and Jinoy though we had the GPS location to this place it took us nearly 30 minutes to find this location as the roads were under constructions. Thank you Jinoy for leading to the right spot;) You can view the full post HERE

Gateway to Persia Court – Nikon D300s

 I realized a long time ago that you can either sit around and wait for things to happen or you can make them happen. This image was laying in my Hard Drive and never processed and i decided i try something new with the new workflow of my HDR. This was shot using my Nikon D300s which used to be my work horse for my HDR before i sold it. This was the only time in my HDR where i never decreased the saturation level. Another reason why it is here is, it was the first time when farbspiel the author of commented on my picture HERE. You can view the full post HERE

Dinning the Emirates Tower – Nikon D300s

 I suppose when I look at this particular image I associate it with my love of nikon d300s. This again was in my hard drive and saw the light in terms of processing only in 2012.  Certainly I have a very long way to go when it comes to HDR Processing and this will be something I look to explore more in the coming year.

Over the Bridge – Nikon D800

 I’ll always look at this image and remember the wonderful time I spent on the family with my kids late in the year near the Burj Khalifa, having fun, exploring Burj with a new viewpoint .  Photographically, I had shot with a tripod and never had a security catching me.  This image had the highest pulse in 500px of 98 which you can see it here. You CAN See the full Post of this Images  HERE .

Lines to Burj Khalifa – Nikon D800

The last of my Burj Khalifa Series this year and my favorite shot. I spotted this place my accident and not only that i met one of my old colleague here as i was returning back. This again was shot using Tripod and processed using OnOne Presets.  You CAN Read My Post on this Image HERE .

Sky Water Rocks – Nikon D800

This image was digital blended and this didn’t mark any great shift in preference from HDR to Digital Blending for me, it’s quite clear from my photographs that HDR imagery is very much a part of my photographic identity. I mention it here because I have a strong feeling for this kind of Photography , I guess only time will tell ………. This image featured in my  post Which CAN be Seen HERE .

Jazeera Al Hamra – Nikon D800

The place where i was considering to go for a long time and finally it happened. Thanks to Adam Backer to accompany me to this place. Though i wanted to capture the bridge it i was not able to and i had to use the then available light and situations to capture what i had in hand. Everyone had come here and shot the bridge and i was not able to but this image taught me, be different and see different. You can view the full post HERE

Shimmer, Shine, Sparke – Nikon D800

I had the remarkable good fortune to not to be  discover some great equipment this year but more importantly the photography for the designer Anjali K, so far I’ve featured her work and mine was featured in many websites and magazines  with more to follow in the new year. This was the first image i shot for the designer and i just loved the location.  You can view the full post HERE



Porsche Dubai – Nikon D800

The last image of the year and one of the great way to end my photography year. I was contacted by the owner of the car to shoot before left dubai and i hope i have given him some image that standout and  he can recollect some memories. This image in particular is the most amazing shot i have done this year in terms of choice of location and processing. Its going to be an image that i will not be able to recreate again.


Final thoughts …….

Taking an overview of my selections here it’s actually quite insightful and as it happens, a very accurate assessment of my shooting habits, for instance –

Two of the twelve photographs are only seascape shots.  I hope i can increase this next year.

Three of the images or quarter are Fashion. Again, I’d say this is a fair reflection. I only want to make great Fashion photographs.

It’s been a good year for me photographically, I’ve continued to develop and whilst there have been challenges I’ve certainly done my best to overcome them and progress. I have been able to make my clients happy. Thats what has been important to me. Whilst it’s always rewarding to look back on the images you’ve taken the real excitement lies in the images your yet to capture, that thought should fill us all with encouragement and excitement in equal measure, enjoy!!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Year and wish you again prosperous 2013.

Thanks to all my readers

All the best, Vineet


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My name is Vineet Suthan and I'm the father of 2 great kids. I am a system engineer by profession and currently residing in Dubai & Muscat. In my spare time i do photography-Mainly Fashion, Beauty, Portfolios and other times i am found doing HDRs. I've been in photography since 2008 and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I feel very blessed to have 'fallen into' this field! check my website at


  1. OldFashioned Aj
    January 9, 2013

    nice post. I love your fashion shoots as well, that's the best of u. used to love hdr but not doing it much these days after jumping into street genre. keep up the good work Vineet.


    • January 9, 2013

      Thank you AJ for the feedback.
      I really adore your street shots and have been inspiring to me especially the Ladakh picture of the school girl.
      its something i will remember for a long long time
      Thanks once again and i hope to meet you soon

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