PrinTao8_Box_17Last Year, i wrote on article on encouraging every photographer( click here here) to ensure that they print their photographs and enjoy the wonders of the photographic print. I know few of you guys have even requested me to print their pictures either for them or for the client but those were rather directed to Cost than the Paper Types. If you are going to print, its important you learn about the paper types that your picture blends to.

 ” The Negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance”- Ansel Adams

What I’m going to talk here this in this post is about my experiences getting into the world of Printing and how this software PrinTao 8 can help to those who are either beginners or intermediates in the world of printing.

When i started out in printing with my Epson 3880, it was really confusing from which paper brand should i buy to the paper type and its availability locally. It all then led me to source the paper from US from a company called as Red River Paper and I had the Metallic Paper as one my first papers.  Once i had sourced the papers, it was time to Print. The first one that came out was dark. I tried to adjusted the brightness of the picture in photoshop and then print but this time, i lost the color in the print. I had no clue why i would get such prints bad when i had an expensive printer. I lost many papers and ink with trial and error methods but i was never happy with the results. That led me to talk with few of the printing masters in US and then i found that i needed to calibrate my monitor and get the ICC profiles for that particular paper. Soon investing in Spyder 3 to calibrate the monitor and the ICC profiles made my picture look good and then i learned a lot about printing. In the process of learning, i lost a lot of papers and Inks. Then having multiple images on one paper was difficult and cumbersome dealing with resizing and aligning.

If you are beginner in printing and you dont want to waste Ink and Paper then PrinTao8 is the best software at an affordable price that can make things easier for you. I am currently using PrinTao for all my prints now and it has really simplified my Print Workflow.

PrinTao 8

PrinTao 8 is a software suite designed only for Mac for those who want high-quality prints without wasting Ink and Papers. The slogan for the Printao 8 is

“Effortless Professional Printing for the Mac
PrinTao 8 is a completely new Mac OS X printing solution for everyone, who wants high-quality prints on a simple and efficient way. Concentrate completely on your images and ignore complicated printer driver settings! Focus on the essentials and achieve prints in unprecedented brilliance. PrinTao 8 is inexpensive, yet professional printing featuring an intuitive user interface for everybody.”


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Start-Pilot
  • Smart Media Integration
  • Built-in Color Management
  • Template Engine
  • Pack Templates
  • Queue Manager
  • “Best Cut” mode
  • “Best Fit” mode
  • Resolution under control
  • Media Manager
  • Manual Cut Mode
  • Frames and Guidelines
  • Printer Assistant
  • Lightroom Plug-in

PrinTao currently supports  these papers listed below and they keep on updating.

1. Epson
2. canon
3. Bonjet
4. Breathing Color
5. Canson
6. Hahnemuhle
7. Ilford
8. Red River Paper
9. Innova
10. Moab
11. Tecco
12. Tetenal

PrinTao Software comes in  five editions for different sized Epson printers  and four editions for different sized Canon printers

For Epson we have the

Home Edition– For Printers SureColor SC-P600 Epson Stylus Photo R2880 / R3000

17″ Edition– For Printer Epson Stylus Pro 3880 / 4880 / 4900

24″ Edition- For Printer Epson Stylus Pro 7890 / 7900

44″ Edition– For Printer Epson Stylus Pro 9890 / 9900

64″ Edition– For Printer Epson Stylus Pro 11880

For Canon we have

17″ Edition– For Printer Canon iPF 5100

24″ Edition- For Printer Canon iPF 6300 / 6400 6300s / 6400s/6350 / 6450

44″ Edition– For Printer Canon iPF 8300 / 8400/8300s / 8400s

60″ Edition– For Printer Canon iPF 9400 / 9400s


One of the key features of  that i like of the PrinTao 8 is the “Use Last Setting” feature. With this feature, whenever you create a new your printer settings  it will retain and recall the next time you load that environment. This is a key feature over using the driver alone as the driver is famous for changing settings and i used to face this issue in Photoshop.

Installation of PrinTao 8 is really easy and all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions. My Epson 3880 is connected via network and PrinTao 8 was able to scan for any printer and add the printer to its  Start Pilot Window.

User Interface

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.00.19 AM

When you start the software, you will be greeted with a window which is called as the Start Pilot. You are asked to load the printer you are using. I use the Epson Pro 3880 printer, so it was simple.

The Print On has two choices for choosing the base paper. Printao 8 does have a selection of printer profiles from various paper and canvas vendors as mentioned above. They can be automatically downloaded.

The Add Print Media box opens with 3 more choices available, installed, available and custom. Choosing Available papers downloads the .icc profiles mentioned above, from the LSI web site.

Quality offers normal and high quality as well as print with finest detail.

Source is where you can choose roll or sheets. My Printer allows for cut sheet, so i select them. You can choose the sizes from suggestions or add your own.

At the far right bottom is the word Create. Click on that and the program opens ready to choose an image file or files.

There are templates for your use, and you can create your own if required.On the left are the image files you can select. In the middle is where you drag and drop your choice of image files. This is the arena where Printao 8 arranges image files. On the top of the screen are more options. They include center on page, crop to fit, rulers, metadata, queue manager, media manager, and print.


PrinTao has most of the profiles for different papers it currently supports so you don’t have to go to Manufactures website to download them!!!This is a highly relevant feature as the cost in products and time required to build accurate profiles is greatly reduced. The printer profiles in PrinTao 8 creates accurate colors and a wide dynamic range

The reason why I love this product is because of the interface window without ever needing a manual to use it.

Now, I my prints had different shades of color, improved dynamic contrast, better aliasing and much smoother gradients.

My advice is if you aren’t making money off your prints then this one is for you.   I can say with sincerity that I highly recommend this product.

I encourage you to download a Demo Version today and try it out .There is however a watermark for the trial version. For additional questions, I encourage you to check out their FAQ.



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