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Anjali K Collections

 Model:Biljana at

Hair & Makeup: Basma

Location: Anjali K Boutique| 

Recently a friend of mine just asked me regarding why the lighting in his picture is flat. A very good question indeed. I am glad he asked it. Well here are the reasons . Lighting for look book or catalogue is different than lighting for advertising,an editorial or any personal projects. You rarely get the chance to get creative for Look book or catalogue because the goal here is to make the clothes  show details in the fabric. After all the Designers  goal is to sell their clothes and get them seen in magazines. Therefore as a photographer you don’t really have the freedom to use different lighting ratios with dramatic shadows on the model and hence the lighting will be always the same and almost flat in the models face in every shoot. The good thing here was that it was shot at a location rather than a plain looking wall.

From my experience and from others who have shot for Catalog or look book, one light is more then enough for the shoot. For those who dont know what a lookbook is, it is a kind of  a portfolio or catalog of images that represents one line of a designers products, such as a wedding line. Why one light, well again the idea is to keep the attention on the wardrobe and not on the lighting.

RAW processing was done in Adobe Camera RAW, with basic exposure, contrast, and color adjustments. No PS corrections for lighting. 


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