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Happy Diwali to all those who have landed on this post!! May the joy and merriment that this festival of lights bring
enlighten your life fore ever.

One of the things I had been working on for the last two weeks was shooting and enhancing the images of my Client’s  Look Book. It’s been a different experience for me working for designer who was about to launch her boutique 3-4 days just after the shoot. You can imagine the adrenaline rush!

How did i meet my client? Well it should be rather how my client met me. My initial contact with my client was in September when i received an email asking for my price and then you find you don’t get any response from them just like every other emails. I was surprised as i found  another email again from the same client after almost 2 months and a week before the final shoot asking about my availability and then from there everything went so fast. The best thing to happen was that the client herself  had chosen the Model, MUA and the location and the only thing i need to do was to shoot.

What i considered for the shoot was to just to use one light(with my Alien Bees 1600) with one Softbox. I rented this large softbox(Profoto) and one Profoto head( as backup- never used) from Lighthouse and i carried also my new wescott 7′ Parabolic Umbrella( which i never used) .

The light was kept almost 3-4 foot away from the model. The reason why i kept far was that the light would be little bit hard and this hard light would be good to produce the textures on the dress. I was not much bothered about the light falling on the model but rather on getting the ambient light in the picture. The settings i used for the light is 1/8 power and shot at f/5.6. Why not f/8 or f/11 this is because i dont want everything in focus except the dress.


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