I get asked all the time is: “did you Photoshop that image?” Let me answer in one simple word –YES! Now let me explain. There are really two distinct phases of digital photography: the capture and post-processing. To be a good photographer, one really needs to understand how to control both.It all obviously starts with the capture side. That begins with allowing something in nature to “grab” your attention, something that stirs your emotions. 

My main determination was what focal length the use. I decided I wanted to compress the model, so I used a 85mm to compress the shot.Now it was time to process the image. I love processing. It was important in processing to bring out both the colors of the picture. This is where a part of the photographer’s soul comes through. It is really your call as an artist as to how you wish to process the scene. More contrast, less contrast. Darker or lighter. All of these decisions help to set the mood of the image. Personally, I am not always trying to capture reality; it is just a starting point. I do think through my choices of how much midtone contrast to add. When one alters contrast, color is also affected. Colors become more rich and saturated looking.

So, do I use Photoshop? Yes I do. All images need processing. Sometimes, just a few adjustments in Lightroom does the trick. Regardless, learn your craft thoroughly and your image will represent what you visualize in your mind. It takes a lot of practice but the effort is worth it for better results.


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My name is Vineet Suthan and I'm the father of 2 great kids. I am a system engineer by profession and currently residing in Dubai & Muscat. In my spare time i do photography-Mainly Fashion, Beauty, Portfolios and other times i am found doing HDRs. I've been in photography since 2008 and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I feel very blessed to have 'fallen into' this field! check my website at

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