Slow|Long Exposure

I took this photo last week in Ajman. It was the first time I was next to the ocean with the Lee Big Stopper and big waves it was! It was really the worst day to go out and shoot as the sky was really grey and though the big waves looked lovely and fuzzy with long exposures of 45 seconds, the tide was really one hell to fight with. Anyway, this shoot has taught me the lighting conditions and that i should know the tide conditions of a particular area. [Bharat Gharawala ji, showed me an amazing website where i could find out the tide conditions of a certain area. Click here ]

As explained here, the clouds were really dull and without any streaking clouds this picture was really dull so i had to introduce a moving clouds in the scene to enhance the picture. I will be doing more test with my ND filter at different times of the day and see how the results come out. It very unfortunate that as the summer will be hitting in this part of the world, getting clouds is impossible 😉 and i hope to get few shots before.


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  • Manu - March 26, 2013 - 1:04 PM

    looks gr8 in b/w. cloud also adds to the shot.

    whats the coordinates for this place?


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