Sunset at Sharjah Eye|DRI

Good day friends. I hope all of you Photographers might have captured some interesting shot on the Earth Hour which was yesterday. I for one though had plans to shoot the event had no choice but to hand over my camera for cleaning the sensor as the dust was too much which i noticed while shooting my Long Exposure Shot and before something dramatic happens. My preference to clean the camera sensor is the MK Trading where i have been giving them for as long as i remember having my first DSLR.

Coming back to this shot, this was done on the same day i tested my Lee Big stopper Filter in Ajman. The clouds were really dull the day i shot my LE (Long Exposure) and i was returning back home via Sharjah it was almost sunset time and my wife saw this spot and asked me to see how beautiful the sky was and this tempted me to stop my car( i mean divert my car) and shoot here. I was running inside this mall (this is first time me entering here) and looking here and there to find a location to shoot before i miss this  golden sky opportunity.Finally i found this small bridge and placed my tripod and began to take multiple exposures. As i was taking my second exposure i found that as the people who walked on the bridge, their walk created a temor in my tripod !!! Hence for the remaining exposure shot, I had to wait for the people to move and then click the shot. And i had to do it fast that i dont miss the golden hour. it was almost a race against time!! I was lucky this time 😉

Back home, once i downloaded the picture, i felt this picture needed more of Manual Blending. Instead of stacking different exposures in layers at one time and then masking, i decided to stack two images, one my base image and other the image i want to mask. After the Merging of the different exposure, the final picture looked really dull and i needed the Nik Filters and Topaz Adjust to bring life to the final image.

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