This is where you belong|Dubai Portrait Photographer

Model: Shafeek Kallingal

Hi everyone, good day to you all. Weather seems to be very pleasant and all the photographers including me have been taking advantage of this and hence you see more of my HDR shots rather. My shooting with light has been almost 1 months and here i am back on the track shooting with my Alien Bees and Beauty Dish. I have more to shoot with these guys in couple of weeks so hope to see more and interestesting models and subjects. So keep your eyes on this blog.

Just a little info on the above shot. l i had infact asked the model to put the cap on even though i knew there would be dark shadows near his eyes but i made sure that there would be some light into this eyes using tilt of the strobe light towards the ground and the reflecting walls to reflect back to the face. Some call this dramatic lighting where the lighting setups is the one where light comes soft but directed right from above the model.


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