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Traditional UAE

I found this Traditional Restaurant, called as Al Fanar in the dubai festival city by accident. I just knew this would be the right subject for HDR. This subject is quite different from what i shoot HDR in the recent days. As soon as i entered this place, there were lot of statues here depicting the tradition of UAE before the discovery of Oil. As i was shooting inside i felt like this were real people looking at me while shooting. It was weird feeling though. Anyway, i think it a place you should visit if you enjoy emirati cusines or would love to try.

How the HDR photos were shot

  • Taken Handheld
  • Nine exposures
  • Camera: Nikon D800
  • Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8

How the HDR image was tonemapped

  • Processed the images as Raw File in Photomatix
  • Changed the following sliders to get the tone mapped image-Strength, Color Saturation, Luminosity and Detailed Contrast.
  • Saved the resulting image as TIFF images

How the tonemapped image was post-processed

  • The Resulting tone-mapped Tiff Image was then opened in Camera Raw
  • Changed the following settings-Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Blacks, Whites
  • Resulting File then opened in Photoshop
  • Applied Layer blending-Multiply
  • Topaz Adjust as mask for details
  • Nik Color Efex pro
  • Applied noise reduction (Imagenomic Noiseware)
  • Watermarking



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